How to Withdraw Money from Rummy Club?

How to Withdraw Money from Rummy Club?

In response to numerous customer feedback regarding withdrawal issues from Rummy Club, this article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to withdraw your funds from the platform successfully.

Understanding the common problems and following the detailed process outlined below can help ensure a smooth and efficient withdrawal experience.

Rummy Club Withdrawal Rules

Common Withdrawal Issues and Their Causes

1. Withdrawal Not Credited

1) Incomplete UPI Information

One of the most common issues is incomplete or incorrect UPI details.

Ensure your UPI ID is correctly entered and matches the details registered with your bank.

2) Incorrect Verification Information

KYC (Know Your Customer) details must be accurate.

Incorrect or outdated information can lead to failed withdrawals.

Always double-check your submitted information for accuracy.

3) Chip Security Issues

Make sure that your account is secure and that your chips are not compromised.

Unauthorized access or suspicious activity on your account can lead to withdrawal blocks for security reasons.

2. Withdrawal Fee Issue

Rummy Club imposes a uniform 3% fee on all withdrawal transactions.

This fee is a bank charge, not a platform fee, meaning Rummy Club does not profit from this fee.

Understanding this helps you plan your withdrawals better.

The withdrawal fee for other Rummy game variants may be lower than 3%.

For example, the withdrawal fee for Rummy Hero may be as high as 1%.

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3. Why Verification Fails

1) PAN Card Issues

Ensure your PAN card details are correct, legible, and up-to-date.

Any discrepancies can cause your verification to fail.

2) SMS Verification Errors

Verify that the mobile number provided is correct and capable of receiving SMS.

Ensure that your mobile number is linked to your bank account for UPI transactions.

3) Duplicate Verification Attempts

Multiple verification attempts can confuse the system, leading to errors.

Try to complete verification in a single, accurate attempt to avoid such issues.

Withdrawal Process

1. Verify Your Account

Begin by ensuring your account is fully verified.

This involves providing accurate and current KYC details, including your PAN card information and a valid mobile number for SMS verification.

Account verification is crucial as it ensures that all your details match with your bank, facilitating smoother transactions.

2. Submit Withdrawal Request

1) Specify Amount

Clearly specify the amount you wish to withdraw.

Ensure it is within the withdrawal limits set by Rummy Club.

2) Choose Method

Select your preferred withdrawal method.

Most users opt for UPI due to its convenience and speed, but bank transfer is also available.

3. Review Process

1) If the Request Fails

If your withdrawal request is denied during the review process, you will receive a notification outlining the specific error.

Address the issues by correcting your UPI details or resubmitting accurate KYC information as needed.

2) If the Request Succeeds

A successful initial review means your request will be forwarded to the bank for further processing.

4. Bank Review

1) If the Bank Rejects the Transaction

Should the bank encounter issues with the transaction, such as mismatched details or account problems, they will reject the withdrawal, and you will be informed of the specific error.

Rectify the mentioned issues and resubmit your request.

2) If the Bank Approves the Transaction

Upon approval by the bank, the funds will be transferred to your registered bank account via UPI.

This is usually completed within a few business days, depending on bank processing times.

5. Successful Withdrawal

Once the bank has processed and approved the transfer, you will receive a notification from Rummy Club confirming the successful withdrawal.

The funds should be reflected in your bank account shortly after that.

Always check your bank statement to confirm receipt of the funds.

Important Notes

Accuracy of Information

Ensuring that all your personal information, including UPI and bank details, is accurate and up-to-date is crucial for a smooth withdrawal process.

Errors or outdated information can cause significant delays or rejections.

Withdrawal Fees

Be aware of the 3% fee charged by the bank on all withdrawals.

Plan your withdrawals accordingly to account for this fee, ensuring you have sufficient funds to cover the deduction.

Regular Notifications

Regularly check your SMS and email notifications for updates from Rummy Club regarding the status of your withdrawal.

Promptly responding to any issues can expedite the resolution process.

Customer Support

If you encounter repeated issues or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact Rummy Club’s customer support.

They can provide guidance and help resolve any problems you may face during the withdrawal process.


By following these detailed steps and being mindful of the common issues, you can ensure a smooth and successful withdrawal process from Rummy Club.

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